March 19, 2021

What’s Your Position? How to Position Your Brand for Success

Are you positioning your brand for success?

If you have a small business or are thinking about starting a brand, positioning is one of the most important marketing terms that you will ever hear. What is positioning? In marketing, positioning is defined as “the position held by a product brand in the opinion of consumers, in comparison with its competitors’ brands”.

Why is this important when building up your brand or business? Well, there are a lot of companies, even more products and a ton of marketing noise to cut through. Positioning is the process of setting your, yes your, brand apart from the rest and allows consumers to consider your business and works to create a preference among your target audience. 

Besides creating a point of difference for your brand and allowing it to be distinguishable in comparison to your direct competitors, there are a few key factors as to why positioning is essential for a successful brand.

So, what are these key factors?

One: It focuses you on a specific target market.
When you provide a limited set of services to a limited audience, your marketing becomes more powerful and effective. You are perceived as a high-value expert.

Two: It clarifies how you are different from competitors.
You’ll finally know exactly what sets you apart and be able to talk about your business in a way that gets prospects excited.

Three: It shows how to win new clients.
It arms your business development team with critical arguments they can use in the nurturing and closing processes.

Four: It drives creative decisions.
When you understand the core message you need to communicate to prospects, you can make informed decisions throughout the creative process. Your positioning becomes the DNA of your visual brand.

Five: It drives service development and pricing decisions.
Knowing how you compare to your competitors helps you decide what new services to offer, and when. Are you positioned as a source of innovative services? A low-cost provider? A specialist or a generalist? The answers to these questions can affect what services you offer and how to price them.

If you feel that your brand doesn’t have a stake or a point of difference in your competitive landscape, take a moment to reflect on what it could be and how you can position your business above the rest. 

If you have any questions about how to position your brand, let’s talk about how we can amplify your brand and work towards achieving your business goals.

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