July 6, 2022

The Power of Emojis In Social Media

How a 💯 or a 🤯 can fuel social media engagement

Emojis are the body language for the digital age, research has even shown that they have the ability to convey certain messages and emotions better than words! 

In the aftermath of COVID-19 as we shifted to remote learning, Zoom meetings, and communicating mainly via social media – in the absence of interactions, we became more reliant on emojis to convey our feelings to an audience we could no longer see in person. For the longest time social media was our spot for water cooler conversations. 

Read along to learn the power of incorporating emoji’s into your social media practices and strategies. 

Emoji’s Humanize Your Brand 🧑‍💻

92% of consumers online use some form of emoji in their communications (WIRED https://www.wired.com/2016/04/the-science-of-emoji/), on Instagram alone nearly half of the posts contain emojis. These simple but effective images can help build brand personality and increase your click through rate and general engagement levels. 🤯 

Emojis can help your brand be more relatable, add context to messaging, and appeal to the emotions of your audience.

Emojis can Help You Better Engage Your Audience 📈 

When used correctly, emojis can boost your engagement as it makes people WANT to engage with your post as it stands out among text posts and have a friendly, casual appearance. 

Social platform networks are even now supporting searching by emoji so marketers can tap into themed conversations similar to hashtags. 

Here are some quick statistics on emoji-included social media posts:

  • Using an emoji in a Tweet can increase engagement by 25% (WordStream)
  • On Facebook you can increase your shares by 33% when using emojis and interactions up to 57% (WordStream).
  • Push notifications that contain an emoji are up to 85% can get up to 85% more opens and 9% more conversations than text-only (Hubspot).

Emojis Add Context to Your Content 📱

In the same way a question mark or exclamation point can change the tone of a message – so can an emoji!

Platforms like twitter limit your word count. This can also add that little bit of context to your message when you have run out of characters.

Now that we have convinced you to add some emojis to your next social media post, here are some  things to consider: 

Understand your audience 👩‍💻 – would your audience use emojis? If playfulness is something that you are avoiding in your business then maybe emojis are not a great strategy. 

Look at your demographics 🌎 – this will impact the types of emojis that may perform well with your target audience.

Understand your brand 📢 – emojis interject personality into brands that wish to convey playfulness which can create perceptions of warmth, connection to consumers, and evoke emotion but not with conveying as much competence. 

Understand the emoji 🧠 – while your favourite emojis may mean something to you, it may not hit the same for your target audience so make sure you understand the perceived meaning for an emoji. 

Where we come in 

Here at Giant Shoe Creative Agency we can provide you with both social media management and coaching to help develop a strategy for your social media channels that will lead to conversion.

To learn more about how your brand can best utilize emojis – talk to us! 📲📧🗣️

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