August 3, 2021

The Future is Video: Why Video Content is Essential for Your Business to Succeed in the Digital Space

In the world of marketing, consumer behaviours and trends are constantly changing and evolving. As the world becomes more and more digital, attention spans grow shorter and screen time grows longer. In considering the massive shift to digital, especially in the past few years, how does a business capture the attention of a consumer that spends approximately 3 hours and 54 minutes per day on their screen (eMarketer)?

The answer is video. Content creation is an integral part of any business’ marketing. From social media to assets on a website, a business needs content to showcase its products or services to new and existing consumers. Instead of opting for a site or social filled with only photos, consider creating video content as well. Did you know that videos are known to hold attention five times more than still photos (Webnus)? That means, when a potential consumer is scrolling through their social media feeds and see a post or an advertisement, they are more likely to stop and absorb the information if it is presented in a video format. Studies have also shown that the average viewer retains 95% of a message when they watch it versus a 10% retention rate when reading it (Medium). This is something very important to consider when creating assets for your website or your next campaign.

Creating video content can not only capture the attention of a consumer in a more effective manner, but it can also help them understand a product or service better. Pretend that you own a small business that specializes in pressure washing large machines. Instead of simply posting photos of a before and after of a pressure-washed machine, you could showcase the entire process including in-action techniques that truly show why your business is different from your competitors by leaning into the actual processes versus the finished products. Video content is a powerful tool to communicate your offerings and really bring your brand to life.

Here’s a quick example:

Our mission for this video was to showcase our client’s Take-Home Caesar Kit and show their audience the key points of difference involved in the kit. Additionally, we wanted to provide their audience with value through an educational piece on how to assemble a Caesar at home.

Instead of posting a finished photograph of the Caesar, the video works to capture the attention of the consumer, diversifying the existing content on their social media and website in addition to functioning as a resource on how
to use the product in question.

Video is a powerful tool when marketing your product or service, especially after the longstanding impacts that the pandemic has brought to consumer behaviour. 68% of consumers say the pandemic has impacted the amount of video content they’ve watched online, with the overwhelming majority (96%) saying this has increased (Manbyte). Taking adapted behaviours, audience retention and consumer needs into consideration, video is not only the way to go, but video content as a preferred content form is not slowing down at any time.

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