March 19, 2021

Stop, Stare, and Share! 4 Ways To Make Digital Content that Grows Your Business

So, you want to make engaging content that will attract new leads and engage with your current community? Creating content that will appeal to your current and future consumers is a key part to the recipe of success in digital marketing. Over the past year, average user screen time and digital consumption has increased drastically, allotting at least six hours and 59 minutes on average to being online each day (Forbes). With an average of 1.3 million users joining a social media platform every single day (HootSuite), it is hard to grab the attention in such a saturated digital space.

Engaging content is step one of many in building up your brand awareness, raising your follower count and increasing your social media engagement rates. With these pieces of the puzzle being large drivers of successfully spreading word of your brand online, it is very important to understand how to ensure your content is not overlooked. 

So, how do you create engaging and memorable content that works for both your current online community and potential new leads? The answer is simple – to create content that makes users, Stop, Stare and Share.

Think about this: What types of posts can initiate a conversation between your brand and your consumer? What content can appeal to multiple audiences, while maintaining your brand identity?

Let’s dive into the four things you need to consider when trying to create engaging content.

One: Maintain Quality and Aesthetic Cohesiveness 

The quality of your content is what is going to make a user stop on your content. This is the first step in making users want to share your content on their story, share it with their friends or save it for inspiration. Start posting high quality images and graphics with consistent elements and themes. This is what will establish a balance between quality and aesthetic that will encourage interaction and may even inspire users to follow your profile for more content. 

Two: Make Your Captions Captivating

Now that you have established some form of user retention, it is important to continue to draw them in with your photo or video caption. The first sentence of your caption should lure your audience in, leaving them wanting to read more. Whether you start your copy with a call-to-action, a question or the beginning of a story, you need to hook your reader in. Your captions need to evoke some emotion into your reader. Whether they leave your post with a new fact or deeper insight into a facet of your life that you share online, these users should leave with something that they can take with them. If a user finds value in your caption, they are one step closer to sharing the content either directly to a person or to their own social.

Three: Position Yourself As A Resource 

Create content that will teach your audience about something that is in your niche. Present this information in digestible ways such as lists, imagery, charts or short video clips. Positioning your brand as educational or as a resource not only works to help your audience gain new insight into your field, but it helps position you as an expert in your industry. By providing valuable content, users will be more inclined to save or share it, two of the biggest factors that are fueling social platform algorithms right now. 

Four: Product Tagging

Tag your current products in your social posts! By making your posts function as active points of contact to your final product, this helps your dedicated followers share products they use or aspire to purchase with their own community. If you utilize tools such as Instagram Shops, it will help create an even more direct method for users to shop your products.  

So, how can we implement these four important steps when using social media for your brand? Well, you need to create cohesive content to amplify your brand identity, create posts that are resourceful and engaging and give your products more exposure by utilizing tools such as product tagging. By making these small but effective tweaks to how you approach your digital media presence, you will take your brand from simply existing online to building a strong community and a truly memorable business.

Another result of implementing these four tips? Shareable and valuable content that will capture the attention span of digital consumers. Creating content that is appealing, captivating, functional, educational and relatable will make users Stop, Stare, and Share your content.

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