July 20, 2022

Production at Ontario’s Top Attractions

This summer, our production team had the amazing opportunity to shoot at two of Canada’s premier tourist attractions with our long-time client Digital Attractions. Digital Attractions has enhanced millions of guest experiences by capturing memorable moments during their visit to well-known locations around the world.

Our team’s objective was to not capture the attractions or processes themselves, rather the emotion of the experience, where memories last a lifetime.

Barreling into Canada’s Largest Waterfall

First stop – the wondrous Niagara Falls

This full-day shoot included lifestyle photography and videography to capture models experiencing Niagara’s top attractions – Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara City Cruises.

A full Giant Shoe production team and multiple model groups across age ranges and relationships were used to cover a wide array of experiences.

Journey Behind the Falls included the full guest experience from ticket, to having DA seamlessly snap their family picture on a greenscreen and then onto the roar of the falls.  We yelled directions over the booming thunder and rotated cameras like clockwork.  We had a few minutes to dry off and eat some pizza and then onto the next!

Aboard Niagara City Cruises, we captured the full guest experience from start to finish filled with laughter, smiles, and an all-natural shower.  With hair flying and cameras snapping we were able to get a glimpse into what it actually feels like to embrace this natural wonder. 

Shooting at Niagara Falls comes with its challenges due to the elements, after all it’s a natural wonder for its unrelenting force. As expected, the Falls creates an incredible amount of mist and wind creating an incomparably wet environment – this means we needed to shoot with minimal equipment in order to be as mobile as possible without getting anything damaged.

The natural light was beautiful so any lights we used were mainly to support what was already there.  Once the scene was set from a production standpoint we just let the excitement do its thing.  After all, this has been the romance capital of the world for a reason. 

Against the odds at the CN Tower

Next, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere – the CN Tower.

This shoot included three production members and multiple model groups to capture an evening experiencing the tower with lifestyle photography and videography.

Our production team captured images in the viewing area, at the very top of the CN tower, in the elevator, front courtyard and the digital attractions photo areas.

The challenge here was to capture a feeling from a single frame.  The tower offers a gorgeous panoramic view of Toronto and its impact really takes your breath away.  

We worked with security and the standard operations to give ourselves enough time and space to really hone in on a collection of moments.  

When it comes to creative challenges – the team had to take into consideration the observation area and its glass with light coming in from all round.  Glass can be tricky but can also be used to our advantage to create mystery, adventure and of course romance.

Overall,our team was able to efficiently and effectively navigate through these shoots with each other, the models, client and the attractions to ensure they could respectfully and tactfully capture the moments where memories are made.  We loved every minute with our client bringing a feeling to life through media. 

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