April 30, 2021

How to Make Your Instagram Bio Work For You: Making a Strong Impression Online

Did you know that you only have seven seconds for someone to form an opinion of you? And in those short seven seconds, it only takes a tenth of a second for someone to start determining if you are trustworthy amongst other important traits. Creating a strong and memorable brand can be daunting, especially in the digital space. As a brand, you need to make a strong impression, right off the bat, to remain in the minds of future consumers.

How do you ensure you are putting your best digital foot forward in order to make that strong impression and to help set you apart from the rest? Cue the power of the Instagram bio. As we know, social media marketing is not going anywhere. Making sure that you are optimizing your social media profiles in the best way possible is only one piece to the puzzle of online success and discoverability. Your Instagram bio is the very first thing someone sees when going to your profile. Before scrolling and looking at all the beautiful content that you have created, the bio bridges your display picture and username with the rest of your brand. You have those seven seconds to form a powerful impression to the user and to work towards integrating them into your online community with hopes of converting them into a customer.

So, how can you make your Instagram bio work for you 24/7 to build up a good first impression?

  1. Optimize Your Display Name
    Your Display Name is the very first line in your Instagram bio that users see. Ensure that your full name or business name is in this area. In addition to the name, you can add a specific keyword of who you are. For example, if you are an Entrepreneur, add that high-level keyword into your display name. Remember, Display Names must be under 30 characters, so you may need to get creative with it!
  1. State Your Value and Offering
    Show your value. What service, product or value are you offering to your audience? What does your business do? What do you provide as a service? You need to immediately identify why you are showcasing yourself in the digital space and lean into why you are different. Let’s say you are a Life Coach. You need to identify what value you are giving to your clients, what service you are providing and to who (your target demographic). For example, if you wanted to serve the womxn in the local community and try to help them achieve their business goals, you could say something like, “I help Niagara womxn from 30-50 make career changes and achieve their business dreams”.
  1. Use Keywords for Searchability
    What are some of the main words associated with your business? Think about your audience and what they would be searching for to find your business or someone that offers what you do. Instagram functions as a search engine so by using keywords that are popular and relevant to your industry or service, it will help your discoverability levels. For example, if you are a Real Estate agent, it is important to include associated words or terms such as Realtor, Real Estate or Real Estate Agent in addition to your location as they are relevant to the foundation of your business and terms that a potential client may be searching. Put yourself in the mindset of your target consumer and think of the keywords that they would plug into Instagram in order to find your brand.

  2. Include Your Contact Information
    So now you’ve started to capture the attention of a digital user and have an opportunity for a call-to-action, perfect! What do you include? On an Instagram Business profile, you have the option to include various points of contact such as your email, phone number and store address. This gives existing and new customers a direct point of access to all communication points for your business!

  3. Link Everything
    You have the option to include a link in your bio, and you need to use it! This is another piece of digital real estate that must be capitalized on. If you have a direct website, that is the place to put it. That way, when you are writing content for your Instagram captions, you can say, “click the link in my bio to learn more about X”.

  4. Show Your Personality
    Always remember that there is no one like you or your business, so always ensure you show the why. Why are you different from your competitors? Why should I trust you as a consumer? Why is your product better than others on the market? What makes you different and why should I choose you? Expressing yourself and showcasing personalization is one of the most important elements in your Instagram bio and in marketing itself. 

Whatever approach you take to your Instagram bio, it is definitely worth the extra time and consideration. Your Instagram bio can work for your business and its discoverability 24/7 if executed correctly. Always make sure that you conduct an annual Instagram bio audit to make sure that you are still on brand with your current products or offerings. You can also update your bio weekly or monthly if you want to highlight a new product launch or service that you are offering during a specific time period. Now, start writing! Good luck.


How Many Seconds to a First Impression?
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