August 3, 2022

7 Signs Your Brand Needs A Facelift

How to Know it’s Time for a Rebrand or Refresh

Are you considering a rebrand or maybe a refresh?

Maybe your sales are not where you want them to be, or a massive shake-up has taken place in your market that forces you to adapt with new products or services, or maybe you are just tired of your current branding – that is where the excitement of a rebrand or refresh comes into play. 

Here are some signs that your brand may need a facelift…or maybe just some botox:.

You are doing the walk of logo shame…

If you are reluctant to share your business card or have to justify or explain the reasoning behind your branding then you may want to consider a refresh. 

Your brand is something you should be proud of so a refresh is a great way to remain up to date.

Your website could use some updating

Websites are essential for businesses and must be “well-designed, easily navigable, and engaging” (HubSpot). Maybe your website is easy to navigate but not the prettiest or not engaging – to hit on all three points, a refresh can help you meet and exceed your customer expectations.

Your sales have shifted

Maybe you have noticed that you’re not attracting as many new customers as you used to – if this is the case conducting some market research to ask people questions surrounding your branding and their perceptions of it can help to decide if a refresh or rebranding is needed to get your sales back to where you want them to be.

You are looking to attract top talent

If you are having difficulty attracting – or retaining – top talent revisiting your brand can help. If your employees are not excited or inspired by their work, it can impact your customer experience.  

To get your team realigned one of the best resolutions is to provide them a larger vision to get excited about. Having a clear and concise vision of who you are and what you stand for as a company builds accountability and encourages independent decision making and gets your team back on board!

Your company has evolved

One of the hallmarks of entrepreneurship is continuous evolution so as business owners you have the ability to choose and those choices can result in growth! So it is not unlikely that after several years you may find your business evolving and your company’s outsides no longer match its inside. 

Maybe you have come up with an amazing new service or product that is a step left from your original business position, or a new ownership/merger – rebranding can signal these changes to your target audience to save them from any confusion and you from a hit in your sales.

You wish to reposition yourself in the market

You may be raising your prices or launching a really low-priced offer and entering a new space that you have not played in yet. When entering a new price point territory you are presumably speaking to a new audience and working with new competitors so repositioning may be needed in order to differentiate yourself and stand out.

You are expanding into a new culture or location

Look at you – building an empire! Maybe your business is extending into a new culture or geographic area. 

Let’s say you have been working with clients in Canada but you are now ready to market to European countries – chances are some of the cultural norms that are prevalent in Canada will be different there. Looking closely at your brand foundation and tailoring your messaging will help ensure it lands appropriately and impactfully in new markets!

What’s Next?

If you are experiencing any of the above there are two scenarios: 

Scenario 1: A total facelift (Rebrand)

If you are planning to serve your guests in an entirely new way then you may need to show up in a whole different way as well. 

From an operational point of view you may be re-aligning and re-naming all your business assets – your team, content, customer experience, everything! 

Scenario 2: Just some botox (Refresh)

In situations where you are looking to simply upgrade what you currently have so you are not looking to change your market position or your name but rather elevate your visuals – a refresh is the best route rather than rebranding.

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Passion is at the forefront when we start our branding process. Whether they are new to the game or looking for a brand refresh; we always begin with one of our famous interactive brand workshops. This is where you (the client) will come in and we delve into the nitty gritty of what differentiates your business in the marketplace and what audience it attracts (or wants to attract) through fun branding exercises. This workshop is an integral part to discover insights into your brand that aren’t always obvious. Once the workshop is over we are able to curate a unique, custom brand identity and position. From there we break into my favourite part – the visual brand (Otherwise known as the Logo). This will be the first impression to new customers/clients so we take extra pride and care into ensuring it aligns with your brand identity and appeals to the right target audience. We focus on colour psychology, shape theory, and fresh typefaces to bring our client’s a look like no other.

Think your business may need rebranding or a refresh? Contact us! 

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