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Branding Development

Your brand is ultimately what people think of you. While it cannot be directly dictated or controlled, we establish an overall feeling and perception of your business. This is through the use of imagery, colour, carefully planned typography, a strong and meaningful logo, and numerous value propositions to help guide opinion and create meaningful connections.

With this in mind, we take a strategic approach to understanding your target audience, breaking down their habits and following patterns to fully understand the market in which you operate.  We analyze your competitors as to which positions they occupy and potential vacant opportunities that might be available to you.

A strong brand relies on knowing your company, it’s position in the market, and any other players in that space.  Together we help design a platform and let the right audience know you’re there for them.

Media Creation

Seeing is believing when it comes to visual marketing and we all want to believe in ideas and connect with others. 

That is the idea behind lifestyle photography and why it works so well. For your images to really have a lasting effect, they need to align with the authenticity displayed throughout the rest of your brand.

Photography is one of the most effective methods of conveying a message quickly with objective results. Through the psychology of design and photography techniques we develop visuals that convey your brand on both conscious and subconscious levels. Our goal is to send a visual message that is both genuine to your values and provokes a lasting positive connection.

Graphic Design

Delivering an effective message goes beyond the words being used. Good design can speak just as loud and in many cases shape the primary reaction. Think of how many times you’ve skimmed a headline or just looked at the pictures.

We take your message and then shape a design that evokes the reaction you’re looking for. 

Luxurious. Urgency! Mysterious?

We search out specific typography, as well as compelling colours and designs – with a goal to create a message that represents you and your message authentically.

Website Design
& Development

When designing for the web we first take the time to understand your business and marketing goals, struggles, and your target audience’s needs. We use this understanding to build an online experience and marketing plan to help users find exactly what they are looking for and guiding them to making a conversion, be that a purchase, contact, or mailing list sign up.

By taking such a comprehensive approach to creating your home on the web, we are able to create a user experience that is a fluid, natural progression. Ensuring your visitors find what they came for without frustration or confusion. A comfortable visitor becomes a happy customer.

Digital Marketing

Your potential customers are online right now, but how do you reach them? Digital marketing allows you to engage with your target right when they are looking to find a business like yours.

Evolved from widespread media attempts to gain customers through traditional radio, TV and newspaper advertising, digital marketing allows a more targeted more effective approach. Your dollars can go farther as your awareness to the right audience increases.

We create and monitor performance on your digital marketing campaigns, maximize the efforts that are having a high returns and ensure underperforming campaigns are pivoted into the ones that are. 

Social Media Strategy
& Management

Social engagement is crucial to speak to your target customers. It needs to be thoughtful, valuable and relevant. Gone are the days of pushing advertisements as content.

At Giant Shoe Creative Agency, we take a strategic approach to your social media channels focusing on growing the right audience and leading them to conversion.

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